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Guest Post 2: Patrick Yr 11

Despite the size of the city, the cathedral itself stood out dramatically. It seemed like a tremendously big place for a choir that suddenly seemed tremendously small. Despite this, as we entered the building in our summer gear, the staff were nothing but welcoming to us, despite language issues that required the sole Student fluent in Spanish to get his hands dirty. 

Quickly we were squirrelled away into a side room and hurriedly got changed into concert dress, and after a short break outside we entered the main cathedral for mass, mainly spoken in Spanish. We were given a special welcome by the priest to their collosal cathedral, and most students could follow the general flow of the mass. 

At the end of the Mass Mr D’Aguiar was burdened with compliments about our performance from the congregation. We drove home happily and finished off the day with a short meal and play on the beach. 


One thought on “Guest Post 2: Patrick Yr 11

  1. I was and honor and a pleasure to seeing the chior sang at a mass-at-barcelona-cathedral. Amy Day was made when everyone one sang happy birthday, she was so suprized.


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