Choir · Girona · Waterpark

Guest Post 3: Tom S Yr 10

Today we went to Water World and Girona. We couldn’t wait to get on the water slides and feel the adrenaline. Although some of the queues were quite long, it was worth waiting for. As it was around 30°c (mid day) nothing would have been better to spend the day doing. Many people commented on how exhilarating Speed Furious was and how scary it was as well … Meanwhile I was at the bottom watching them sliding down and hearing their screams – joy or terror I couldn’t tell. 

Whilst the students enjoyed all of the water slides, the teachers bathed in the pools, went on a few slides, relaxed in the jacuzzis relaxing. After lunch many of the students went down to the main pool where the wave machines were turned on. We all bobbed up and down as the waves came tumbling towards us. Once the excitement finished, we got changed and headed off to Girona.
After an hours drive or so, we arrived in the historical town of Girona. Here we were given an hour and a half of free time. In this time some of us visited the Cathedral of Girona. “Oh My God” is all that came out of my mouth when I walked into the cathedral. Wherever you looked, something else caught your eye in amazement. We spent around 30 minutes taking in the majesty of the Cathedral. After a walk around, we went into the old town and got an ice cream. Yum…

Tonight we are going to perform a concert in the square in Calella where we will perform a number of songs in front of a (hopefully) giant crowd. If you keep an eye on the choir Instagram page, you may see some pictures and maybe even a video of us singing.


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