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Final Guest Post: James T Yr 9

We are on our way back from Dover now and we have all really enjoyed the trip. 

It got off to a slow start with the long 27 hour coach journey but as soon as that was over it was great. 

Going to the beach most evenings has to be one of the main highlights because we had the opportunity to all bond as a group while playing games and exploring. 

The first concert was at Barcelona cathedral; this was the same day we visited Park Guell and La Sagrida Familia, The choir sounded okay and received many compliments, but we definitely could have done better. 
The following morning we went to Monserrat Monestary and sung our hearts out and it went brilliantly. The views were also breathtaking. 

The waterpark was also a great way to relax and have fun at the same time. We all enjoyed it no matter what rides we went on.

The final concert was personally one of the best I’ve ever heard the choir in the three years I’ve been at the school. The crowd that gathered to watch us was encouraging as well.

There was then inevitably the journey back which felt shorter than the journey out there.

All in all the trip was a great success but me and the other boys on the trip know it wouldn’t happen without the teachers who came. So on behalf of all of us thank you to all the teachers but especially Mrs Reilly and Mr Bridges who organised it.


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